Avengers: Age Of Ultron's Next Trailer: Five Things We Want To See


Marvel has slated the next Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer to run with the College Football Playoff National Championship Game on Monday, January 12th at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Like the rest of you, we really don’t want to wait that long until Marvel unloads their next deluge of Avengers goods. And in our anticipation, we started thinking about what we’d like to see the most in those precious 30-to-60 seconds. Despite all the information that has leaked between the first trailer and now, we want some reveals straight from the source. Plus, there’s bound to be some other wrinkles to Joss Whedon’s sequel that the public hasn't even speculated on yet. Below, we run through the top five strings The Avengers need to untangle in their follow-up trailer. 

 1) The Vision


This Avenger's official debut is far overdue. The Vision has leaked through so many different outlets, that there’s hardly and surprises still in store for the character. Heck, earlier this week a piece of promotional text revealed his entire origin. But that doesn’t dampen our appetite to see The Vision in official action, fighting alongside his fellow Avengers. Marvel would score bonus points if they also let the Vision speak. We’re all dying to hear Paul Bettany, the voice of JARVIS, bring his wry sensibilities to the Avengers’ top android. 

2) Information on Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver


We still know little about Scarlet Witch’s and Quick Silver’s origins, save for the fact that they’re Baron von Strucker's captives. The real juicy stuff, like the twins’ background story, how the Avengers discover their existence, and the source of their powers, are still up in the air. Are they actually Inhumans, as so many people are expecting, or just the products of Strucker’s experiments?  It seems unlikely that Marvel would drop the big “I” bomb in a trailer, but we hope that the trailer give us more breadcrumbs to follow for the twins.

3) Clarify Who Andy Serkis’ Character Is

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In the first Age of Ultron trailer, we saw a brief glimpse of actor Andy Serkis, sans CGI editing (Serkis is an accomplished motion capture actor, best known for playing Golem). Marvel hasn't said a word on who Serkis might play in the film, or even if his character required any eventual motion capture editing. We’ve speculated that he might be the Marvel villain Klaw, but that guess is as good as any. Hopefully, Marvel will define his role and allegiances  in the Marvel Universe just a little bit more with this trailer. After all, it would be nice to know if we should root for the guy or not. 

4) The Advanced Ultron In Action


While we've seen plenty of the protoype Ultron and Ultron’s minion robots, we've only received a single head shot of the official android with no strings attached. It’s time for Marvel to show what Ultron can really do in action, at his peak. And by that, we mean several shots of Ultron clashing against the Avengers. The film is subtitled in his name after all, so why not show him a little more love?

5) A Sense of Humor


Based on the content released thus far, Age of Ultron seems like it could fall on the moodier end of the spectrum. There’s nothing wrong with a sense of drama to raise the stakes, but this is Joss Whedon's Avengers we’re talking about. One of the reasons it performed so well with mainstream viewers was its sense of humor. It wasn’t afraid to have fun, providing the necessary balance against the tense conflicts. We’d like to see some of that magic in the next trailer, showing mainstream moviegoers—who probably appreciate the humor the most—that The Avengers franchise hasn’t lost its funnybone. We’re not suggesting that Marvel should brand the movie as another Guardians of the Galaxy, but we would appreciate a little nugget--say, a snappy piece of dialogue from Tony Stark--to show that the sequel won’t be all gloom and doom. 

5.1) Thanos


Just kidding…maybe?  


What would you like to see on January 12th's trailer? Sound off in the comments below.

Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st.