Barack Obama And Spider-Man Comic So Hot That Stores Plan To Ration


Ever since Marvel Comics announced that Amazing Spider-Man #583 would feature President-Elect and comic book fan Barack Obama at his Presidential Inauguration, there has been a frenzy of reporting on the comic book in the mainstream press. All of the coverage on CNN and in magazines and newspapers has piqued the interest of people who don't regularly visit comic book stores or might not have even previously known comic book stores existed. Not since Superman died in 1992 has there been this much interest in a comic book by people who don't regularly buy comic books. has talked to comic book store employees, who have reported that they have been fielding non-stop calls since the story started breaking. According to the comic book store employees, most of the callers want to know when the Barack Obama and Spiderman comic book is arriving and if there will be any limit on the number they can buy. Because there is such intense interest in the comic, some comic book stores are already informing customers that there will be a limit of one copy per customer on the comic. Even though all issues of Amazing Spider-Man #583 will contain the five page Barack Obama story, only a portion of the comics will have the variant cover which features Barack Obama. Interest in the Barack Obama cover version is so high that pre-sell copies of the comic are already fetching over $50 on eBay. Amazing Spider-Man #583 is scheduled to hit comic book stores on January 14, 2009. Marvel has already announced that they will be doing a reprint of the Barack Obama cover in order to try to meet fan demand. Of course, many fans will want both the original and reprint editions of the comic.