Batman V. Superman Mystery Minis Reveal Possible Wonder Woman Spoiler

(Photo: Funko)

With toys like Lego sets and action figures possibly giving away spoilers for one of this year's hottest movies, it seems they're harder to avoid. Even Funko could be added to the list of spoiler-makers, and it looks like they're at it again.

Funko, the maker of the ever-popular Pop Vinyl figures, have a smaller set of toys dubbed Mysterious Minis. They're a black bag toy, so you never know which one you're going to get. The first set includes toys for Bruce Wayne, Batman, Knightmare Batman, Armored Batman, Superman, Clark Kent, Alfred, Wonder Woman, Soldier, Aquaman, and...

Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Batman-v-Superman-Mystery-Minis (1)
(Photo: Funko)

You can see her right above the Aquaman toy.


So are we going to get to see Themyscira in Dawn of Justice? It's been a possibility for a couple of years since this set was reported in New Mexico. What do you readers think?