Batman Vs. Superman: Five Things We Learned This Week

It seems that, over the past week or two, new bits of info about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of [...]

It seems that, over the past week or two, new bits of info about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Superman have been leaking out at a pretty consistent pace. This week alone brought us a handful of new information that can help us understand what shape this film is going to take when it's finally released. Here are five new thing we learned about Batman vs. Superman.

Batman v. Superman will take place two years after Man of Steel.

Earlier reports noted that a huge structure, what appeared to be a partly built statue of Superman, had been seen on the set of Batman v. Superman with an equally huge green screen behind it. A report earlier this week confirmed what many fan expected, that the statue is being erected to Superman in Metropolis as a sign of gratitude for his saving city.  Batman v. Superman will pick up two years after the events of Man of Steel, at a celebratory unveiling of the statue.

Holly Hunter will play a U.S. Senator was able to exclusively obtain information that rumors of Holly Hunter playing a U.S. Senator in Batman v. Superman were correct. The Oscar-winning actress will indeed play a Senator who clashes with Lex Luthor during a visit to LexCorp. The scene also involves a U.S. Congressman, who ends up being embarrassed by Luthor. No word yet on who is playing that congressman.

Tao Okamoto will play Mercy Graves

Another bit of information that was able to uncover exclusively is that Tao Okamoto (Mariko Yashida in The Wolverine) will be playing Luthor's assistant/bodyguard, Mercy Graves. Graves, in the comics and Superman: The Animated Series, is highly intelligent, a master of hand-to-hand combat, and sometimes cybernetically enhanced. A good foe to fight Batman?

Lex Luthor will have long hair

It has been reported that Jesse Eisenberg will not be sporting Lex Luthor's iconic bald look in the film, at least not at the start. Luthor will have long, blonde hair instead. Fans will likely be angry about this change to the villain's most well-known look, but there is precedence for Lex to have some long, flowing hair, especially in his early days.

The Batmobile Might Fly

The same report that told us about the Supeman statue also mentioned the Batmobile's doors open outwards, like wings. That leaves us all wondering if the Batmobile might fly, like the Batwing. Considering that Batman is going to be hanging out with people who can regularly take to the skies of their own volition, like Superman and Wonder Woman, giving him a flying ride would seem to make sense.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters May 6, 2016.