Breaking News! HeroesCon Marvel Panel with Major Comic Book Announcements!


The first major panel of Heroes Con 2009 is underway, with Marvel writer and talent scout C.B. Cebulski leading a discussion and question and answer session with noted talent Ed Brubaker (Captain America), Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man), Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man), editor Jeanine Schaefer, Paul Azaceta (Amazing Spider-Man) and Mark Waid (Amazing Spider-Man). What would this power combo from Marvel have to say? Read below! July 1st will be the official release date of Captain America: Reborn, officially reintroducing Steve Rogers to the Marvel universe. Bryan Hitch will illustrate with Ed Brubaker writing promises to be an amazing read and view for anyone. Secrets are still being kept for Reborn, but big things are in store! Brubaker also promised that this was not a random event, but was something that was carefully planned all along with the the death of Cap back in issue twenty-five. The Marvels Project will focus on the Marvel universe of 1939 and go through World War II. Described as a gritty crime story combined with the race at that time to create superheroes, this series promises a vast and amazing tribute to the origins of the Marvel universe, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Expect many appearances from characters such as the Sub-Mariner and the original Human Torch. Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural will debut this October, a Rick Remender project, and is expected to be a big event, especially considering the events surrounding the New Avengers recently. Strange, a four-issue series that focuses on a Dr. Strange that is no longer the Sorcerer Supreme, will begin in October, with Mark Waid leading the way. How will this man, so used to having vast power at his hands, live with this next stage in his development? Another new book that will debut is The Vengeance of Moon Knight, premiering this fall! Look also for Starr the Slayer, a Max limited series premiering this September! Also in November with Amazing Spider-Man #611, the storyline "The Gauntlet" begins, and it promises an interesting and dangerous journey for the webslinger. Electro will be a factor, and Marvel promises that it will give us somewhat of a return to the villains of the early days, and names such as Rhino and Mysterio were hinted at! Q and A Brian Michael Bendis, asked about Spider-Man's secret identity remaining a secret this time, promised that in this post-Secret Invasion world, Peter's identity would be more secret in many ways this time around, with some events in the pages of New Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man addressing that. An Immortal Weapons mini-series will be released for Iron Fist after the current storyline wraps up. A relaunch is promised for the character! Will there be more Spider-Ham, asked one fan in attendance, with some slight hint of an appearance mentioned. What about members of The Order? Yes, there will be a couple of appearances by members of The Order, possibly in Iron Man. Big things are promised for the character of The Sentry as well, with a "defining arc" promised in the pages of X-Men: Dark Avengers. There are also big things promised for New Avenger Luke Cage. He's been promised to appear in different arcs and will be a central part of the rest of action surrounding Dark Reign. What will happen to this super-powered member of the Marvel world? Find out! What about the fate of the Ultimate universe of Marvel? The next issue of Requiem will be coming soon, but Ultimate Comics Avengers and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man will be launching later this summer! Fans of the already existing animated series Iron Man and Wolverine and the X-Men can expect to see an animated series featuring one of Marvel's original super teams, the Avengers! In the realm of possibilities, expect to see several recurring What If? features, some focusing on very recent events in the Marvel world. Keep checking back with throughout the weekend, as we promise to keep you on the crest of any announcements and news coming from Heroes Con!