Bromley Batman Is Fighting Crime In London

Quick, someone call Grant Morrison. It looks like “Batman, Inc.” is finally becoming a real [...]

bromley batman

Quick, someone call Grant Morrison. It looks like "Batman, Inc." is finally becoming a real thing.

According to London newspaper The Standard, the UK has their very own Dark Knight lurking in the shadows. Deemed the "Bromley Batman," the black-clad crusader has reportedly thwarted multiple crimes around London's Bromley town center, the town of Penge, and the town of Lewisham.

As the newspaper's report cites, multiple would-be mugging victims have come forward and described how a masked man, with a beard, stopped muggers and assailants from succeeding in their violent crimes. The vigilante also reportedly had a deep voice (too bad it Christian Bale-gravely), and some martial arts skills. Perhaps this Bromley Batman was trained by the League of Shadows? We can only hope.

Despite The Standard's numerous eye-witness reports, the Bromley Police claimed that they haven't received any reports of a vigilante fighting crime on the streets. We're sure that's what Gotham City Police Department first said when the Batman showed up, too.

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