Ciara Renee Practices Flying For Her Hawkgirl Role In Legends Of Tomorrow


In the season finale of The Flash, we got our first look at Ciara Renee (Legends of Tomorrow) as Hawkgirl’s civilian alter ego. We got a CGI shot of Hawkgirl soaring through the skies, but we'll have to wait a bit longer till we see Ciara wearing her wings.

Until then, Ciara is keeping her fans up to date on her superhero training via her Instragram page. To prepare for her maiden flight she's doing ant-gravity/aerial yoga. That is when a person does mid-air poses in a hammock/webbing that is hangs from a ceiling.

Check out the image below.

Vampire. #Flying #Hawkgirl #BatWings #NewPose #AntiGravity #YogaEverywhere @studioanya

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Side. #Vampire #BatWings #NewPose #AntiGravity #Hawkgirl #Flying #YogaEverywhere @studioanya

A photo posted by Ciara Renée (@ciararenee8) on

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