Comic Book Hot List for October 26, 2011

Hey there all you comic book enthusiasts!  It's almost Halloween!  Just in time for the holiday, here are the hot books for this week that you can enjoy reading while you're passing out candy to all those kids!  Look at it this way, you're getting the better deal in the end!

DC Comics

1.  Aquaman #2:  How will Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis follow up the hit number one issue of the king of the seas?  Read on to find out!

2.  Superman #2:  The new man of steel continues his adventures in a vastly different Metropolis and a new Daily Planet

3.  Batman: The Dark Knight #2:  There's ALWAYS something going on at Arkham Asylum!

4.  The Flash #2:  How many duplicates of Flash's friends are there exactly?

5.  I, Vampire #2:  So, a vampire war with superhumans and a vampire lover caught in the middle?

6.  Justice League Dark #2:  Magical forces continue to come together to contain the power of the Enchantress

7.  Teen Titans #2:  N.O.W.H.E.R.E. is out in force, and hey, a new character named Bug!

8.  All-Star Western #2:  The Crime Bible and Gotham's first serial killer are all here!

Marvel Comics

1.  Amazing Spider-Man #672:  It's the end of Spider Island!  See how the spider powers affect the rest of New York

2.  Avengers Academy #20:  Who stays, who goes, and what will become of the next generation of Avengers?

3.  Wolverine and the X-Men #1:  A new era begins in the world of the mutants, as Wolverine establishes a new team out east

4.  Incredible Hulk #1:  A new team takes the helm with old green skin off in a world away from Banner

5.  Daredevil #5:  He's faced Klaw and Captain America.  What else can he handle?

6.  Astonishing X-Men #43:  It's Emma vs Danger.  The payoff of a long-standing feud happens here!

7.  FF #11:  The war of Four Cities comes to a close.  What happens next?

Dark Horse

1.  Angel and Faith #3:  London town for Angel and Faith, as Giles' files have led them to a demon underbelly.

2.  Usagi Yojimbo #141:  Ever reliable Usagi continues his adventures here!

3.  Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest #2:  Pretty twisted family tree AND a demonologist?  What's not to love!

4.  Star Wars: Crimson Empire III-Empire Lost #1:  A new story about the last Imperial Guardsman

Image Comics

1.  The Walking Dead #90:  The landmark 100th issue approaches.  How ever will they stage it?

2.  The Vault #3:  The stunning three-issue mini comes to a close, with death not far in the past

3.  Breed III #6:  Demon hordes and their friends come to a close in the last issue of this limited series

4.  Butcher Baker, the Righteous Maker #7:  Conflict, destruction and more than you can ask for!

5.  Guarding the Globe #6:  The Guardians face off against The Order and will there be death?  Read to find out!

Top Cow

1.  The Darkness #94:  Can Jackie face off against an army, the Darkness and still come out on top?

2.  Pilot Season: The Beauty #1:  It's back!!!!!!!

3.  Magdalena #9:  She's back, and this time the Church wants her to find the one, true cross.  Sure, no problem.

Boom Studios


1.  Incorruptible #23:  Max fell short against the Plutonian, but can he recover now?

2.  Planet of the Apes #7:  Skintown begins to prep to push back against the apes.