Comic Book Men Recap: Walt’s Big Gamble

Comic Book Men Walt's Big Gamble

The “Walt’s Big Gamble” episode of Comic Book Men opens with Ming posing the question to the other Secret Stash guys if they thought superheroes got jealous of other superheroes powers. Mike pointed out that Aqualad quit the Teen Titans when he felt inferior to the other members, because he could only stay on land for an hour. Walt and Bryan suggested that maybe Aqualad should have made the sacrifice of swimming in the sewers to stay with the team.

A customer named Alexis comes into the Secret Stash looking for Elfquest books. Alexis reveals that she’s such a big Elfquest fan that she cosplayed as Leetah at Comic Con. When Alexis asks how much for the three Elfquest books, Walt agrees to sell them all for $40 because he enjoyed talking to her so much.

Walt asks the Secret Stash guys if they have seen the storage auctions shows that are on all the cable channels now. Walt tells the guys that they all need to put in $250 each and go to a storage auction on the weekend.

A seller brings in an Aliens M41 – A Replica pulse rifle and an Aliens Motion Tracker. The seller says he has a room filled with costumes and props and needs to start thinning out some of his collection. Walt is only interested in the Aliens Motion Tracker. After some negotiation, Walt agrees to buy the Aliens Motion Tracker for $300.

Kevin Smith asks the Secret Stash guys what sequels were better than the originals. Walt picks Empire Strikes Back, which Kevin Smith immediately agrees with. Ming picks Batman Returns, which no one seems to agree with. Bryan picks T2, which Smith also calls a good pick.

At the storage auctions, the Secret Stash guys are complaining about the heat, and Ming is pushing Walt to go ahead and bid on a locker. Robert Bruce also shows up at the storage auction. The Secret Stash guys spot some comic book longboxes in one of the storage units. After some back and forth bidding with Robert Bruce, the Secret Stash guys buy the storage locker for $1,500.


A seller brings a Ben Cooper Batman costume into the Secret Stash. Walt is impressed that the costume is made out of fabric. After some negotiation, Walt agrees to buy the Batman costume for $75.

Back at the storage unit, Mike opens the first longbox and finds current National Geographics inside. In the second longbox, Ming finds an incomplete set of encyclopedias. In the last longbox, Walt finds more encyclopedias. Disappointed by not finding any comic books, Walt and Bryan leave Ming and Mike to pack everything up to take it back to the Secret Stash to try to recoup some of their money.