Comic Book Previews for April 21st, 2010

Now that the stress of filing taxes, crunching numbers and navigating a sea of letter and number combinations has passed with Tax Day 2010, you can finally relax and unwind with this week's comic book releases! Marvel kicks off our weekly look at what's ahead in a big way, as they have a MASSIVE week planned, and almost all of their major players are up for this week's releases! One of the biggest comes when Doomwar #3 lands on store shelves. Doctor Doom's hooks are firmly in the country of Wakanda, and his grandstand game of Chess against Black Panther continues to unfold here, with the world in the balance. And that's just before the Fantastic Four, Doom's oldest foes, get involved here! Also kicking up a notch is the X-Men story "Second Coming", with chapter four unfolding in the pages of X-Men Legacy #235. Also up this week is a tie-in to Second Coming with X-Factor #204, and Bolivar Trask will stop at nothing to eliminate this team of mutants! Siege: Spider-Man #1 gives us another one-shot focusing on the events of "Siege", and a Spidey vs. Venom throw-down to boot!

Guardians of the Galaxy #25 brings back one of Death's biggest cheerleaders, the galactic threat Thanos! What does his reemergence mean? Need more heavy-hitting action? Let Amazing Spider-Man #628 satisfy you, as part two of the Spider-Man/Juggernaut story continues, and what exactly can take down the Juggster? Read and find out! Daken begins a new journey in Dark Wolverine #85, and how does his hated father Wolverine matter in all of it?

DC Comics has some good escapist fun for you as well! Justice League of America #44 gives us a tie-in to Brightest Day, the company's next big company storyline. It's an all-new team for an all-new story, which guest stars the Justice Society of America! A big villain and a big team change are planned in the near future, so be there on the ground floor for it with this issue! The Brave and the Bold #33 brings a tale of fun with Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Zatanna! What rhymes with Zatanna? How about Satanna, and she's in this week's Power Girl #11! Guess who's making a return? The Spirit! The Spirit #1 sees the Will Eisner creation back in comics, as a new ongoing series begins. Oh Brainiac 5, you crazy cut-up. That's what Supergirl thinks in this week's Supergirl #52. Green Lantern #53 continues the drama that spilled out of the final chapters of Blackest Night. How will these new Guardians, and Sinestro specifically, deal with this new group of Lanterns, and how can they all work together. Read on!

Image Comics has something old and something new for us this week, as they bring us goodies from all sorts of eras in their history! Two more entries in their Image Firsts line, with the release of Witchblade #1 and Girls #1. Just in time for the fun of Free Comic Book Day in less than two weeks! These issues are only a dollar each, and they're perfect for casual or committed readers! Elephantmen #25 brings about the second part of the newest story arc, Questionable Things. It's all MAPPO, LA and FBI in this newest issue, from one of the quirkiest comic book series out there! Dark Horse brings more vampiric sci-fi adventure with Devil #3, and be sure to pick your cover when this week's The Guild #2 comes out. One of the more imaginative series of recent memory, the lives of role-playing gamers becomes high narrative in this new series.


Kids are key in this week's Boom releases, which sees Wall-E #5 and Donald Duck and Friends #353 released. Dynamite begins the next phase of their Green Hornet franchise with the release of Kato Origins #1: Way of the Ninja. Read all about the adventures of one of the most famous sidekicks in all of history! Also in release comes Red Sonja #6 and Battlefields #5.

Well, we're off to file those receipts and get to reading! You do the same!