LEGO Trolls Tesla's Over Cybertruck Reveal

Over the weekend, Elon Musk's Tesla, Inc. unveiled the Cybertruck, the company's first electric pickup truck. Musk's presentation went off-script when the Cybertruck's shatterproof windows shattered. The moment went viral and Cybertruck's angular design became the subject of a number of jokes on social media. The LEGO Group saw this as an opportunity for brand engagement. Today, they shared to Facebook a photo of the company's simple wheeled, rectangular, grey LEGO block in dramatic lighting. In the post from LEGO Australia, which you can see below, the company writes, "The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof 😬"

It's that age-old tale of one company's viral moment gone awry becoming another company's easy engagement. It is the story of the era.

On social media following the event, Musk explained why the "shatterproof" windows shattered. His mistake, according to him, was hitting the door with a sledgehammer before throwing a steel ball at the window instead of doing those things in the reverse order. "Sledgehammer impact on door cracked base of glass, which is why steel ball didn't bounce off," Musk tweeted. "Should have done steel ball on window, *then* sledgehammer the door. Next time …"

Despite the awkward demonstration of the vehicle's "unbreakable" glass, Musk says that it has received 200,000 pre-orders for the Cybertruck. The pickup won't release until 2021, but interested buyers can pre-order one now for a $100 deposit.

Musk compared the Cybertruck to Ford's F-150, suggesting Tesla's pickup of the future is the better vehicle. Musk tweeted a video of a Cybertruck winning a tug-of-war style two battle with an F-150. The video came under scrutiny when some viewers noted that the Cybertruck was taking advantage of four-wheel drive, while the F-150 was using only rear-wheel drive. Vice President of Ford X Sundeep Madra offered to retake the test on behalf of the company. "hey @elonmusk send us a cybertruck and we will do the apples to apples test for you 😉😉😉," Madra tweeted. Musk seems to have accepted Madra's challenge. He quote tweeted Madra, adding "Bring it on."

The Cybertruck reveal came on the same day that Musk's cameo role in Rick and Morty debuted on Adult Swim. Musk voiced Elon Tusk, a version of himself from another reality where he was born with tusks.

What do you think of the Cybertruck? Let us know in the comments section. The Cybertruck is expected to go on sale in 2021.