DC Comics Announces Straczynski as Writer for Superman, Wonder Woman Titles

Superstar comic book writer J. Michael Straczynski is going to run out of hands. Already having tackled titles such as Amazing Spider-Man and The Brave and the Bold over the course of his career, JMS will take over writing duties on two of DC Comics' flagship characters: Superman and Wonder Woman. Coming on the heels of the recently announced shocker that Gail Simone would be exiting her writing duties on Wonder Woman after the soon-to-be-renumbered Wonder Woman #600, news that Straczynski was taking over served to verify excitement Simone mentioned over the next writer in her open letter to Comic Book Resources explaining her exit. Wonder Woman #601, which will ship later this summer, will mark the first issue of JMS' run on the series, which has promised a very contemporary feel to the classic character while preserving the rich history that follows Wonder Woman. Superman #701 will serve as his dive into the world of the Man of Steel, and this may be an interesting challenge given the recent changes made in the Superman stories with the rise of Supergirl, the New Krypton stories, the soon-to-be-kicked-off Last Stand of New Krypton and the view of Kryptonians here on Earth! If any writer is up to these tall orders, it's J. Michael Strczynski.