DC Entertainment Announces Super-Potato Heads


So, wait...does the Mr. Potato Head continuity take place on Kingdom Come's earth? Are Superman and Wonder Woman married there? That's right, folks--DC announced yesterday via their blog that Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, whom DC calls "the original cosplayers"--will soon appear on store shelves dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman. Writes DC, "He may be made of plastic, but this summer Mr. Potato Head will be dressed as the Man of Steel, complete with his classic costume and cape. Meanwhile, Mrs. Potato Head pays homage to Wonder Woman, wearing her tiara, bracelets and lasso of truth. Each figure stands 6" tall, and is perfectly built for play or display…or both!" The site goes on to say that the figures will be available via specialty stores and collectibles websites, which sounds an awful lot like the venues serviced by the newly-rebranded DC Collectibles, formerly DC Direct.