Doctor Who & Batman Laugh At Man Of Steel Controversy

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With the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode set to air this Saturday, the How It Should Have Ended team decided to have The Doctor pay a visit to the Super Café. Spoiler Warning: If you have somehow managed to avoid Man Of Steel spoilers, then be warned that the video contains spoilers for a controversial scene in the Man Of Steel. During the Man Of Steel, Superman snaps General Zod's neck to stop him from killing a family with his heat vision. In the Super Café: Who's A Hero video, Superman tells The Doctor to let them know if he ever needs help with a Dalek or something. The Doctor responds, "Oh, I don't think that will be necessary." Then, Superman asks, "Why not?" The Doctor quips, "Because, you see, it's hard to snap a Dalek neck, when they don't have necks to begin with." Batman takes special joy in The Doctor's burn on the Man Of Steel. Check out the full Super Café video below.