Exclusive Clip: Donald Glover Talks 'Lion King' & 'Star Wars' On 'Talking With Chris Hardwick'

AMC has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive clip from Donald Glover's appearance on Talking with Chris Hardwick.

Glover recently appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story and is set to rule Pride Rock in the upcoming The Lion King movie which is a live action remake of the original Disney film. During his appearance on Talking with Chris Hardwick, a fan asked which role was more exciting for him between the two iconic gigs.

"That's a really, for me personally, Millenium Falcon," Glover said. "I mean, Pride Rock, that was awesome, too. It's really been fun and Jon Favreau is like the most fun director to work with. He's on Lion King. He's just been so much fun. I feel like, more and more, because my son really likes that movie. For him, it feels like a gift for him. Millenium Falcon, that's all me. I'm just in there. Hyper drive. Clicking buttons. That was literally just for me so I'd have to say that."

Glover has been on a roll lately, with his Atlanta series becoming a hit on FX, in addition to landing a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where his debut came during Spider-Man: Homecoming. Most recently, his "This is America" music video under the artist name of Childish Gambino became a hit, as well.


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