Fantastic Four #554 Going To Second Printing

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The original printing of Fantastic Four #554 has sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors, so Marvel has announced that they will be doing a second printing. The second printing will have a variant cover featuring Bryan Hitch’s interior art. Fantastic Four #554 is by writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch. The storyline is called “World’s Greatest.” The second printing is set to hit stands on March 19, 2008. “First off, a great big thanks,” said Millar. “Our friends all pointed at us and laughed when we said we wanted to put FF back in the top ten, but we love this book. We have always believed in it and are both just delighted to see our naive, slightly deranged enthusiasm reach other people and translate into great sales. A huge thanks from both Scotland and England to everyone who got out there and supported us. We were really, really happy with the numbers, but to hear that the book sold out in a day is just nuts. We promise this is only the beginning and the fun has only begun!” Bryan Hitch said, “For my part I'm amazed and delighted. We had hope for a solid sales hike and a confident seller but this has taken us completely by surprise, especially as it's such a low-key and quiet start to the run as a whole. I'm currently pencilling the ninth issue and am on the last pages of what may well become a super-sized Christmas special, which if included in the run would make me on issue eleven by now. What's so exciting about the reaction to our first issue is that the best is still to come. I know it's said often enough as hyperbole but having seen the completed eight issues and Christmas special I can really say that the best we have is coming.”