From the Boards: Heroes Cold Wars

We're starting a new regular feature here at It's called 'From the Boards' and [...]

We're starting a new regular feature here at It's called "From the Boards" and we'll do it for Heroes and Lost (with all of the questions/theories surrounding Lost, that should be juicy). We realize that not everyone has time to go out and read the message boards of their favorite shows, so we're going to do it for you. We'll report back here with our findings. First up, Heroes Cold Wars episode. For the most part, it appears that the episode was well received by viewers. Though that may not be saying much, as one report is stating that Heroes had its worst ratings ever last night. The episode centered on HRG, who, according to many folks, is their favorite Heroes character. Why, I'm not sure. The guy is just a flat out whore. Whomever pays him, gets his services. If fans had a problem with the episode, it was with the final scene where Parkman painted Washington D.C. blowing up. Wait, haven't we seen something like this before? Isaac Mendez paints NYC blowing up on the floor of his loft. In Cold Wars, Parkman paints D.C. blowing up on--wait for it--THE FLOOR OF ISAAC MENDEZ'S LOFT. Really? This is what the writers came up with? Haven't we been down this road already? Now, some posters were quick to point out that the series appears to be headed toward the future from the episode "Five Years Gone" and that we should hold off judging the writers for now. I'd give these folks the benefit of the doubt if it weren't for another repeat occurance: FAKE/TEMPORARY DEAD PEOPLE. Daphne was presumed dead. Now she's alive. Where have we seen this before? Oh, only with Claire, HRG, Nathan, Peter, Sylar, etc. Enough already with people coming back from the dead. Doing it once or twice creates suspense. Pushing the dozen mark is just boring televsion. One major question on the boards was "How did Peter fly off with Parkman?" Shouldn't Peter, upon touching Parkman, lost the ability to fly and picked up mind reading and psycho painting? Many posters said that Peter grabbed Parkman by his jacket. Had Peter touched skin, he would have switched powers. I'm not sure if I buy this. I'm guessing that supernatural powers are able to penetrate leather. Could be just me though. Another possible answer is that Peter has learned to control his powers. Or that he's able to add powers again without losing previous ones. I'm guessing we'll find out the answer early in next week's episode. A few other things kicking around the boards: Does The Hunter have an ability? Why didn't Parkman use his mind bending/illusion powers to divert the SWAT team that was bearing down on the hotel? Has he not developed them enough? Did he forget he could do those things? People seem to like the fact that Parkman has finally grown a pair (I concur). But will he keep up the attitude? The Heroes need a leader, and one that is forceful and determined. Will Parkman be that guy? We'll see. Check back next week for another look From the Boards.