Furious 7 Super Bowl Trailer Detailed Breakdown and Analysis

During Super Bowl XLIX, Universal unveiled their latest trailer for Furious 7, which returns stars [...]

During Super Bowl XLIX, Universal unveiled their latest trailer for Furious 7, which returns stars Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyreese Gibson, "Ludacris" Jackson, and Michelle Rodriguez. The film also adds international talent to the franchise, such as Rhonda Rhousey, Jason Statham, and Kurt Russell.

Furious721.38 PM

Open up with Dom and Letty cruising down the street while Dom's voice tells us how important family is.

Furious722.07 PM

The house that has been with us throughout the franchise, looks just as we last saw it in Fast 6.

Furious722.26 PM

Someone is visiting Mia. Not much of a reaction from her to indicate much.

Furious722.34 PM

The talk of family continues.

Furious722.41 PM

Tej and Roman.

Furious722.50 PM

The family is all together. With Coronas.

Furious722.59 PM

Dom gets a threatening phone call...

Furious723.06 PM

...from Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw's older brother- the extended version of the scene from Han's death in Tokyo Drift.

Furious723.18 PM

No empty threats from Deckard, apparently.

Furious723.26 PMFurious723.37 PM

There goes the neighborhood.

Furious724.13 PM

Deckard handles a couple henchmen with ease.

Furious724.23 PM

Hello there, Deckard. Maybe he's a guy with a bit of morals, the women behind him look terrified but unharmed.

Furious724.36 PM

Tej, Brian, and Roman at a funeral. Presumably Han's, but can't be too sure.

Furious724.44 PM

Dom is done playing around. Time to gear up for Deckard.

Furious724.57 PM

The whole gang suits up and looks like they're on a mission in Dubai. Brian's not a cop anymore, but... Undercover, maybe?

Furious725.10 PM

Dom and Brian get ready to go, at least mentally. Probably a brotherly moment.

Furious725.21 PM

When Dom and Deckard play chicken, no one wins.

Furious725.46 PM

Hobbs aiming high, probably at a helicopter, but can we even rule out flying cars?

Furious726.13 PM

The gang sky dives out of a plane in their cars.

Furious726.25 PM

Rhonda Rousey's yet unnamed character goes one on one with Letty in her dress seen previously, so it is probably not much later in the movie.

Furious726.46 PM

Nope, we can't rule out flying cars. Dom soars from a building in Dubai.

Furious726.57 PM

Dom dodges an explosion as he flies toward another building.

Furious727.37 PM

Art gallery that probably doesn't have much relation to the story.

Furious727.48 PM

Dom just dropping in.

Furious728.05 PM

"Safe!" The cars can't fly, after all. Dom hangs on to the edge as his car plummets from the building. Their mission must have gone bad as he is in the same suit from earlier and dodging explosions.

Furious 7 hits theaters April 3, 2015.