George Miller Explains Why His Justice League Movie Fell Through


We're on the cusp of a new Justice League movie coming from 300 and Watchmen filmmaker Zack Snyder, but this isn't the first time DC's biggest superteam almost made it to the big screen.

Mad Max creator George Miller nearly made Justice League: Mortal back in 2009, a film that would have brought the team together against Maxwell Lord and Brother Eye.

Why didn't it work out? Well, a lot of reasons, including a writers' strike, conflicts between Miller and the studio over where to film and more...but Miller has a new take on the film's failure to launch in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I really was attracted to it. But there was a writers strike looming," Miller explained. "We had to cast it very quickly, which we did with Warner's casting people. And we cast it really quickly and we mounted it very quickly. And it depended on a start date and it depended on some basic rebate legislation that had just got through a new Australian government. But it was just too big a decision for them to make in the time. And that fell through and the whole film fell through. We almost got there. And it wasn't to be. But that happens a lot, where films line up and the stars look like they're aligning and they didn't."

A documentary film about Justice League: Mortal is in the planning stages and, pending Warner Bros. approval, could come out this year.