Ghostbusters, Zombieland, To Be New Sony Theme Park Attractions in Dubai

You ain't afraid of no ghost, but are you afraid of heights?It's an answer that some Ghostbusters [...]

You ain't afraid of no ghost, but are you afraid of heights?

It's an answer that some Ghostbusters fans will soon get to answer. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Sony will launch its own Sony Pictures theme park in Dubai, with a Ghostbusters attraction as one of their marquee offerings. Attractions based off of the Zombieland, Hotel Transylvania, and the Underworld franchises are also planned for the incoming park.

Officially called "Motiongate Dubai," the park is being constructed in the Uinted Arab Emirates and will include the "Sony Pictures Park" as well as an additional "Smurfs Zone." Hopefully, the irony of awarding the largest chunk of land to the smallest characters available isn't lost.

With the move, Sony will finally join many of its studio rivals like Disney, Universal, and Warner Brothers, in the great theme park race. One interesting detail to keep an eye on is the Spider-Man franchise, and whether the web-slinger will get his own Dubai attraction. Sony currently holds the licensing rights to all Spider-Man-related material, but Universal Studios has a pre-existing contract with Marvel for exclusive themepark attraction rights in the eastern United States, western continental United States, and Japan. Would Sony's Dubai location make it safe to run an eventual Spider-Man ride?

Until then, let's just speculate on all the potential Ghost Buster attractions. Stay-Puft Marshmallow bounce house, anyone?