Gillian Anderson Expresses Interest In Ghostbusters Reboot, Hints At Possible X-Files Film

If given the chance, Gillian Anderson would throw on a proton pack in a heartbeat.

The former X-Files star started her own personal campaign to join the recently-announced Ghost Busters reboot in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session yesterday. When asked if she would want to star in the upcoming film, Anderson jumped at the idea.

“OH MY GOD, I just looked it up online. Paul Feig, cast me now!," Anderson responded. "Start a Twitter petition! I’m free!!!!! I’m free I’m free and I’m funny, god******! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!”

The upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, which will be written and directed by Bridesmaids helmer Paul Feig, set the Internet on fire last week when it was announced that the new film would feature an all-female team of ghost hunters. A role in Ghostbusters certainly wouldn’t be a stretch for the actress, who spent nearly 10 years investigating the paranormal in the X-Files series.


In fact, Anderson is also up to the idea of rejoining her old partner Fox Mulder in a potential third X-Files movie. When asked if there were plans for another X-Files during the Ask Me Anything, Anderson responded, “Uh….uh… uh… Sorta kinda. Keep your ears to the ground.” 

While it’s far from any sort of confirmation, it’s something to give fans hope. Perhaps they should start to Twitter petitions for the actress.