Gotham Easter Egg Spotted in Supergirl Preview


In the latest trailer for "Red Faced," next week's episode of CBS's Supergirl, we've spotted what we think is a sly reference to Gotham.

As most fans know, Supergirl and Gotham air in the same time slot, the first time we can remember that superhero series hailing from the same publisher and production studio have gone head-to-head and a microcosm of the Batman V Superman dynamic that Warner Bros. is playing up in their next big movie.

Well, there's more than one way to see Jim Gordon on TV this Monday.

...Oh, wait, nevermind. That's Jim and Gordon. Who?

Well, as you can see above, there's apparently a morning show called Live With Gordon and Jim, which appears on Cat Grant's monitor bank during a report on a concert in National City. It's hard to imagine that somebody working on graphics for DC Entertainment show didn't just sneak those names onto the screen together to see if anybody noticed, so if that's the case, we noticed. Good on you, graphics person!