Grant Gustin Wants Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, And Legends To All Crossover

CW Crossover

On March 28th, fans of both CW's The Flash and CBS's Supergirl will be in for a fun time as the heroes crossover for the first time. The Flash's Grant Gustin, however, has his eyes set on an even bigger prize.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gustin went into some detail as to what the crossover episode would be dealing with, and how they handle the Flash appearing in Kara's world. One of his favorite moments is pulled directly from the comics, where he and big blue were involved in a footrace to see which one was truly faster. This time around, it will be Supergirl challenging his speed, but executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and Gustin want everyone to join in on the fun at some point.

"It's one of my favorite moments in this episode," says Kreisberg. "It's close." Hopefully close enough that they'll need a rematch next season, maybe with Green Arrow and the Legends as an audience. "That's in the cards at this point," says Gustin. "The whole point of us doing this crossover is setting up the fact that maybe next year we can cross over all of them."

Flash's power allows him an easier route to manufacture travel to alternate universes, and The Legends of Tomorrow cast shouldn't have a hard time navigating that either. Arrow is the one that will require some forethought, but I'm sure they can come up with something.


via Entertainment Weekly