Happy Birthday! Ian Somerhalder Turns 38 Years Old Today

Happy birthday, Ian Somerhalder! The actor is celebrating his 38th birthday today.

Somerhalder plays heartthrob Damon Salvatore on CW's popular series The Vampire Diaries, which is approaching the anticipated series finale. Fans are sad that he won't grace their television screens for a bit, but the talented actor will surely find something soon to occupy his in-demand time.

When the end of Diaries was announced, Somerhalder spoke about getting the part of Salvatore.

“The sun, the moon and stars aligned for me one day in March when I got the official call that I had been cast in this very special role as Damon Salvatore,” said Somerhalder. “I’m so very grateful to those who fought for me to have this opportunity (you know who you are), for those that have worked so hard to make this show happen, and to those that have loyally watched it, making it part of their lives. This show has enriched my life greater than anything I’ve done in my career and it will live in my heart. We are a family and I will miss you. Thank you again to this amazing cast and crew, Kevin, Julie, Warner Bros., The CW and the most loyal fan base the world has ever seen. Wow, what a ride.”

Aside from the Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder is known to fans for his role as Boone Carlyle in the acclaimed ABC series LOST, and he also played Adam Knight in DC's beloved Smallville series.

Besides his Lost, The Vampire Diaries, and Smallville work, some other TV shows that Somerhalder has appeared on include Young Americans, CSI, Law & Order, and Tell Me You Love Me.


Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder!

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