Henry Cavill Gives His Thoughts On Superhero Movie Fatigue

With the exception of Kryptonite, Superman is impervious to everything—even fanboy complaints.

Henry Cavill, the current actor to play Superman, recently deflected the ever-popular “comic book movie fatigue” argument like a bullet on the Man of Steel’s skin. When an interviewer asked Cavill for his take on the opinion that Hollywood is flooded with too many comic book movies, he had this to say:

"I think it's anything which is prevalent and on top people are going to complain about," Cavill told the foreign entertainment site Juado. "At the moment, the superhero genre is the most prevalent genre out there, despite the fact that the spy genre is so strong this year. That's just the nature of it. It's one of those decade long genres, the superhero thing, which is going to keep on going, and people will complain about it all the time, of course.”

So there you have it. Superman himself wants fans to stop complaining. Of course, if Cavill wants to keep his job as Superman, we can't imagine him saying much else. With his current tenure as Superman extending into Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League Part One & Part Two, and a reported Man of Steel sequel, Cavill could be excused for wanting Hollywood’s superhero obsession to last, well, forever.

But what do you think, readers? Has Hollywood gone too far with comic book adaptations? Let us know in the comments.


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