Heroes Reborn To Launch Prequel Webseries Before TV Show Starts

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NBC's Heroes was notable for being one of the earliest attempts by a mainstream American network to seriously do cross-platform entertainment between TV, comics and the Web -- and it seems as though Heroes Reborn, the upcoming "event miniseries" that revives the franchise -- will embrace that legacy. Heroes Reborn: Digital Series is one of a trio of new shows launching at NBC.com as part of a just-announced digital initiative. The biggest headlines so far have come from a comedy show that crowdsources ideas and then uses the best ones for scripted entertainment.  The Heroes Reborn digital series is identified as a prequel in conjunction with Reborn, according to Entertainment Weekly. "It's exciting to bring original content to the forefront on all of our digital platforms, " said Robert Hayes, Executive Vice President, Digital Media, NBC Entertainment. "We are lucky to once again be in business with some of the top producers in Hollywood making new content to further engage fans."