Hitman Is Going Episodic


Hitman, the popular video game franchise on which this year's Hitman: Agent 47 film was based, will make the move to an episodic format.

That comes straight from the game's developers, who announced the move via the official Hitman website in a blog post titled "New Year Update."

Square Enix, who made headlines yesterday by releasing David Bowie's Omikron game available for free download, said that the game is now going to be "fully episodic" and will have a "major live component" when it's released in March.

When the game launches on March 11, it will include a prologue mission and one location, and will carry a $15 pricetag.

The first location will be Paris, followed by Italy in May and Morocco in June. Thailand, the United States and Japan will be added before "the season concludes," according to Square Enix. All of these locations are expected to roll out in 2016.