Ian McKellen Returning As Gandalf

Six years and 16 years later, fans are still madly in love with the Lord Of The Rings franchise. [...]

Six years and 16 years later, fans are still madly in love with the Lord Of The Rings franchise. Based on the popular book series by J.R.R. Tolkien, the films brought audiences into a world of fantasy that they had only ever dreamed of.

The epic action tales dominated the box office, and took home plenty of hardware at virtually every awards show. In addition, there was one actor in the franchise that was given an Oscar-nomination for his work in the films.

As you probably already guessed, his name is Ian McKellen. The iconic actor starred as the wizard Gandalf over the span of the series, and he was easily one of the most beloved parts of each film.

If you've missed McKellen as Gandalf over the past couple of years, you're in luck. The actor has announced he'll be portraying the character one more time - just not exactly as you'd imagine it.

McKellen will star in a one man show in London's historic Park Theater. The show is called 'Tolkien, Shakespeare, Others & You', and will feature highlights from the actor's storied career. McKellen will be portraying some of his most famous roles on the stage, including Gandalf.

Over a six night span - from July 3-9 - the show will invite audiences to become a part of McKellen's career. In addition to reciting famous lines, talking with past directors and co-stars, and offer an inside-look into his professional life; McKellen will invite the audience members to be a part of his performance. He's stated that he will bring members up on stage to interact with him throughout the show.

The show is designed to raise money for the Park Theater's foundation, in order to keep the doors open for local and professional theaters.

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