Image Comics Announces Support For Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

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has announced some additional plans to continue and expand upon its support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a not-for-profit organization, which is considered to be the comics' industry's first response in the fight against censorship. In order to support the fun, Image Comics will publish a second installment of Liberty Comics and will also launch The CBLDF Liberty Series. The CBLDF Liberty Series will be a series of high-end variant covers featuring Image's strongest titles with exclusive artwork not available anywhere else. Image Comics will donate all proceeds of both projects to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. "Image Comics was founded on defending comics' creative freedom and the CBLDF continues the fight for securing the free speech rights we all depend on to do business," said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. "It's important to us to ensure that they have the resources they need to continue that important work. The CBLDF stands up for every creator, retailer, publisher, and fan in this industry, so it's important to us, as a publisher, to stand up in support of their work." The CBLDF Liberty Series is scheduled to launch this Summer. Image Comics plans to release more details about the program later this Spring. The CBDLF Liberty Series variant cover editions will be sold at a slightly higher price than the regular edition, but every dollar earned goes to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Liberty Comics #2 is scheduled to be released in October 2009. The first issue raised over $30,000 to benefit the Fund. The new roster of creators participating in the second issue will be announced in advance of this year's San Diego Comic-Con. CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein said, "Image Comics has been extraordinary in their support of the CBLDF. As a corporate member they are one of the pillars of the business community who support the Fund's work. With Liberty Comics and the new Liberty Series of covers, they are increasing their support in a way that will ensure we are able to continue to perform our legal work, and expand our education mission in new directions. We are grateful to Image Comics, its partners, and creators for lending such extraordinary support to the CBLDF."