Image Comics Announces Underground


Image Comics has announced that writer Jeff Parker and artist Steve Lieber are teaming up on a new mini-series called Underground. Steve Leiber is also the artist on the comic series WhiteOut, which has been picked up as a movie by Warner Brothers. Jeff Parter is also the writer behind Agents of Atlas. Underground tells the story of Park Ranger and avid caver Wesley Fischer. Wesley's goal is to keep Stillwater Cave from being turned into a tourist trap, but she has to go up against public opinion. Wesley investigates blasting in a cave and it results in a confrontation that leads to a deadly chase deep under the Kentucky mountains. "Underground is a fast, tough story about people who have been pushed into tight corners — both ethical and literal," said Jeff Parker. "None of them knew they were about to be caught up in a life or death struggle, it's a situation that has spiraled out of control. I've known Steve Lieber for years and he's the best at this. No one can put the real world on the comics page the way he does. He draws real people and puts them in real danger." Steve Lieber said, "We knew Image was the right publisher for Underground as we like how they've expanded the comics audience with titles like The Walking Dead and now Viking. We want to continue pushing the reading public with Underground." Underground #1, the first part of a four issue mini-series, is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on September 23, 2009.