Jeffrey Dean Morgan Gunning for Lead Role in 'Lobo' Film

Looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan has caught the comic book bug. The 'Watchmen' star is currently filming 'The Losers', a film we think could really make Morgan a household name. But his fascination with comic books doesn't stop there. According to Movieweb, JDM wants to stay in the genre:

"It's kind of an untapped world, this comic book world. I read the same scripts over and over and comic books are just apt...I'm happy to be in this world. I love this. I could do comic book movies forever."

Asked if he has a role that he'd love to play, Morgan said:

"You know, they're making 'Lobo' right now," the actor replied. That would be cool. Lobo would be very cool."

While we're not sure Morgan is the right choice for Lobo, we do love his passion for comic book projects.