Jim Starlin and J.M. DeMatteis Get New 52 Titles

Two of the most venerable names in comics are headed to DC Entertainment to do their first work for the publisher since the launch of the New 52.

Jim Starlin, creator of characters like Thanos and The Weird, will join the New 52 as writer of an existing ongoing series, according to the creator's Facebook page.

"I have just completed scripting the first two issues of an on-going series for DC Comics," wrote Starlin. "Can’t say what the title is until DC wants the news out. But I imagine a lot of people will be quite surprised to see me take over the writing chores on this particular property. Been having a (surprisingly) fun time with it so far."

Based on that, it's hard to guess what the comic in question might be; Starlin's comments that he's taking over the book, combined with the idea that fans will be surprised to see him taking it on, suggests that it will be significantly different from his last few DC projects, which were science fiction epics that he was particularly suited for, and/or that were greenlit with him specifically in mind.

At Albany Comic-Con earlier this year, the writer revealed at a panel with fellow sci-fi comics maestro Ron Marz that he had pitched a Mongul story to DC for the New 52 and that while it was rejected, he was considering re-purposing it for another character. Without more details, it's impossible to guess whether this might be the same project.

Meanwhile, over at DC co-publisher and Phantom Stranger writer Dan DiDio's page, he announced that J.M. DeMatteis, the longtime Amazing Spider-Man and Justice League International writer behind IDW's The Adventures of Augusta Wind, will join him as co-writer on Stranger.

"Think i mentioned this somewhere but JM DeMatteis will be joining me on the scripting of the series," DiDio wrote. "It will help keep the series on schedule and with JM, deliver the quality you hope and expect for the book."


In addition to his creator-owned work at IDW, DeMatteis has a backup feature coming in the hotly-anticipated Amazing Spider-Man #700 at the end of the month. DeMatteis has worked on a number of Spider-Man's biggest stories, including Kraven's Last Hunt and the Clone Saga.

DeMatteis is no stranger to the supernatural side of the DC Universe, having written Dr. Fate in Justice League International and then a couple of years' worth of The Spectre back when it was current Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the lead role on that title. He, along with frequent collaborators Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire, reportedly pitched a New Gods series to DC for the New 52, but were rejected, likely because of plans for the New Gods currently unfolding in Wonder Woman.