Karen Gillan Goes Bald For Guardians Of The Galaxy

Karen Gillan goes bald

When we compiled our list of the seven biggest winners of 2013 Comic-Con, there was another name that we should have included on the list. While director James Gunn was recognized for putting together an incredible trailer with only ten days worth of footage, there was another member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy panel who also created quite a bit of online buzz.

In Guardians Of The Galaxy, Karen Gillan plays a villain called Nebula, who happens to be bald. During the Guardians Of The Galaxy panel, Karen Gillan first appeared sporting what looked to be her normal red hair. However, when host Chris Hardwick asked, “Isn’t Nebula bald?”

Karen Gillan replied, “Yeah, she is. And I might have done something a little bit crazy.” Then, she pulled off a wig, revealing her bald head. The surprising reveal has been creating almost as much buzz online as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki introduction.

Karen Gillan is also winning praise from fans for going the extra mile in sacrificing her hair to really look the part of the character. The Guardians Of The Galaxy movie is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on August 1, 2014.