Lou Scheimer, Co-Founder Of Filmation Studios, Autobiography Released

Lou Scheimer

TwoMorrows Publishing just released Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation, which is an autobiography of the co-founder of the renowned Filmation animation studio. Scheimer is widely regarded as one of the fathers of Saturday morning television, having worked over 25 years in TV and film animation.

Some of the animated cartoons created by Filmation include Superman, Batman, Aquaman, The Archies, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Tarzan, The Lone Ranger, and Zorro.  Filmation also created some live-action Saturday morning shows including Shazam! , The Secrets of Isis, and Jason of Star Command. In the eighties, Filmation helped cause the syndication explosion with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and its successors.

In Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation, Lou Scheimer tells his entire story with the help of co-author Andy Mangels. The book details how Scheimer’s father decked Adolf Hitler, memories of the comic books of the Golden Age, schooling with Andy Warhol, and what it meant to lead the last all-American animation company through nearly thirty years of innovation and fun.

According to TwoMorrows Publishing, the book includes “photos, model sheets, storyboards, presentation art, looks at rare and unproduced series, and more — plus hundreds of tales about Filmation’s past, and rare Filmation-related art by Bruce Timm, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Phil Jimenez, Frank Cho, Gene Ha, and Mike McKone — this book shows the Filmation Generation the story behind the stories.”

Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation is a 288-page trade paperback with color. The print edition sells for $29.95, and there is a digital edition available through TwoMorrows for $9.95.