Lucifer Gets Back 9 Order For Season 2

Don't worry, this isn't any kind of trick. On Halloween, FOX announced that their sophomore drama, Lucifer, would get another nine episode added to their second season.

The series, based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, received critical praise after its first season debuted last year. Five episodes into the current season, it looks as though FOX felt the modest numbers on Monday nights were enough to double down on the series.


Lucifer stars Tom Ellis, Lauren German, and DB Woodside in a tale of the devil himself taking up residence in Los Angeles. Since Hell has become too boring for the Lord of The Underworld, Lucifer decides to help the LAPD track down killers. While these souls are the ones who will end joining him once they die, he enjoys seeing them punished on Earth as well.

While the premise may sound dark, the show has been praised for bringing a sense of humor and lively tone to the table. Fans enjoy the witty quips and comebacks Lucifer provides, and they seem to enjoy the ability to toe a line to the dark side without diving all the way in.

Shows like The Walking Dead and Outcast have covered equally as dark material, but they have embraced the true brutality of those situations. Lucifer takes itself seriously, but does a great job of having fun with it.

The order of nine additional episodes brings the season total to 22, the typical number of episodes for a network season.

Lucifer airs on Monday nights at 9pm ET on FOX. The next episode it titled Monster, and airs on Halloween.


Source: Variety