Marc Andreyko Talks Arrow, Wants Kate Spencer Back in the New 52

Regular DC writer Marc Andreyko, discussing his new Blue Devil/Black Lightning story in DC Universe Presents with artist Robson Rocha, told Nerd Nation that he'd like to see Infinity, Inc. and Manhunter reintroduced into the DC Universe of the New 52. "I would love to bring back Infinity Incorporated for the New 52," Andreyko said in the interview, "I think that a superhero team based at a film studio is just great. I would love to try and fold Manhunter back into the New 52 and there's so many other characters that haven't been brought into the New 52 yet and I think the New 52 allows some freedom with them to unencumber them by some of their giant, past continuities." The two properties, which both had cancelled monthly comics in the recent past, were huge hits for DC in the '80s. Andreyko created Kate Spencer, the most recent Manhunter, for the most recent ongoing series and while it never set the world on fire, sales-wise, the book was a critical darling, particularly for the first 25 issues or so. After that it was cancelled and resurrected a few times, each time to diminishing returns as editorial interference became more obvious and the things that made Andreyko's book special seemed to slip away. By the time it was finished, the character had been relegated to a back-up feature in a Batman book and forced to move to Gotham City, something that flies in the face of a philosophy, stated by Andreyko in the podcast, that it's fun to add some real cities into the mix of DC's fictional locales. The Black Lightning/Blue Devil story he's working on now takes place in Los Angeles, as did his run on Manhunter. Andreyko also added that "If you're not watching the Arrow show on the CW, you probably should really start with this Wednesday's episode." The unprovoked nature of the comment has struck some listeners, as the comment seemed unconnected to anything he'd said previously, but Kate Spencer has been rumored to appear in the series.


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