Marvel Announces Thanos: A God Up There Listening Infinite Comic

Answering the question “who will rise?” posed earlier in the week, Marvel comics has announced [...]

Answering the question "who will rise?" posed earlier in the week, Marvel comics has announced Thanos: A God up There Listening, a six-part Infinite Comics follow-up to the Infinity event. The series will feature writer Rob Williams and artists Paco Diaz, Iban Coello and Neil Edwards.

Here's how Marvel describes the series:

Under the watchful eye of Thanos' advisor, the Ebony Maw, Thane has travelled the galaxy in search of answers. Is he truly the son of the Mad Titan? And is he destined to follow in his father's evil footsteps? The lost biography of Thanos' black deeds has been uncovered. As Thane begins to explore his father's legacy, he'll discover not everything is as it seems. Meanwhile in the past, two titans clash as the cosmic war between Thanos and Ego the Living Planet sends shockwaves across the heavens. As the story of their bloody battle in the cold depths of space is revealed, Thane will learn a devastating secret that will haunt him in the present day!

Can a man fight his own destiny? The time has come where Thane must choose what man he will become. A hero…or a villain?

All six issues of Thanos: A God up There Listening will go sale July 1.