Marvel Going Back To Press On Captain Marvel #3

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In Captain Marvel #3, there was another Skrull sighting, and it's no surprise that the issue has sold-out. However, comic fans who weren't lucky enough to scoop up the original printing when it was still on stands will now have a second chance to pick up the comic. Marvel Comics has announced that they are going back to press on Captain Marvel #3. The new printing will have an interior variant cover by Lee Weeks. In Captain Marvel #3, readers can find out about the secret behind Captain Marvel's trip back through time and the dark purpose behind the church that has begun worshipping Captain Marvel. Also, the last page sets up ramifications for the upcoming mega-event Secret Invasion. The Captain Marvel limited series is set to run for five issues, so fans will also want to pick up Captain Marvel #4 and #5, which are also Secret Invasion: Infiltration tie-ins. Captain Marvel #3 is written by Brian Reed, penciled by Lee Weeks, and colored by Jason Keith. The main cover is by Ed McGuinness. The second printing of Captain Marvel #3 will go on sale on March 19, 2008.