Melissa Rauch Talks The Bronze, Its Sex Scene, And Super Heroes

Rauch Ex

This weekend, Melissa Rauch unleashes the wrath of a washed up Olympic gymnast by the name of Hope Ann Gregory on movie theaters nation wide in The Bronze. The movie is hilarious. Rauch unveils a side of her acting chops which we don't get see when she's on the family friendly Big Bang Theory.

The Bronze follows in similar footsteps left by Deadpool. While it doesn't feature any of the violence, it sure does capture the sex and dark humor the merc with a mouth opened the door for. The Bronze was well-finished with filming by the time Deadpool came around, so it wasn't necessarily influenced by the Tim Miller film, but it will certainly try to keep the trend alive.

"There's definitely an audience for it," Melissa Rauch tells "[Deapool] did such a wonderful job and people came out in droves for it. I definitely think that people just want to laugh and let loose and have a great time. There's a lot of stuff in life that isn't so pleasant to go through so if the entertainment industry, in any way, can lighten the load and leave people with a smile - I think that's a wonderful thing. If we can contribute to that in any way, it's something that would make my heart very happy."

Of the very R-rated scenes, one will stand out in particular for audiences. Rauch's Hope Ann Gregory has a sex scene with Sebastian Stan's Lance Tucker, which she describes as "the most crazy, epic gymnastics sex scene ever," and no one will disagree with her. It's made so many headlines, including this one, and the movie only arrived in theaters this morning. Apologies in advance... While the scene is certainly easy on the eyes, it is rarely actually Stan and Rauch.

"We had about half a day to do [the sex scene] and we had the Cirque du Soleil performers come in," Rauch explains. "One of the funniest moments was actually listening to our producer on the phone with the MPAA trying to explain to them what the scene involved. I don't think it was a conversation that our producer had ever had with the MPAA. He was like, 'Yeah, so the character, who is a gymnast, takes the other gymnast and uses other gymnast as a pommel horse and comes around and inserts himself in said pommel horse.' There was a lot of awkwardness and I think at one point he just said, 'I think we're just gonna have to send it to you when it's done.'"

When it comes to dropping the gymnast unitard and putting on a suepr hero suit, one which her Big Bang Theory buddies would certainly envy, Rauch says she would love to play Harley Quinn. "Margot Robbie is gonna do a phenomenal job," Rauch says, as she remembers the role is already taken. "I know she will be incredible in that and I'm really looking forward to seeing that." Her other go-to would've been Wonder Woman, who will also be making a big screen debut this year, played by Gal Gadot in Batman v. Superman, next week.

"As a kid, I did have a strong affection for Wonder Woman," Rauch admits. "I had a Wonder Woman lunchbox as a kid. Although, she's not one that I resemble in any way, I always thought it was a very cool lunchbox. It looked like her arms were coming out of it! I remember sitting at a table, like a very weird, fourth grade me, sitting a table and just playing with the Wonder Woman lunch box. It's a very sad thing!"


We've all been there. There's no shame in being that kid playing with a Wonder Woman lunch box.

The Bronze is now playing in theaters. Stay tuned to for more of our interview with its writer and star, Melissa Rauch!