Michael Keaton Says Batman Would Never Cry Like Spider-Man


During an appearance on Monday night’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, former Batman star Michael Keaton succinctly explained the difference between Spider-Man and Batman.

Keaton relayed a story about going into a store to get the cracked screen on his Apple iPhone fixed. It turns out one of the Spider-Man movies was playing on a TV screen in the store, and the sales clerk seemed to be more interested in the movie then helping Keaton.

At first, Keaton was worried the sales clerk was going to recognize him and that it would turn into a whole big thing about him having played Batman. However, the clerk appeared not to have a clue as to who Keaton was, so he started watching the movie with the clerk.

When an emotional scene came on involving Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker started crying. Keaton asked the clerk, “This is Spider-Man, is he crying?” The clerk replied, “Yeah.” Keaton waited a little bit, then said, “P****.” When the clerk glanced over at him, Keaton added, “Batman would never cry.”