Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, And Tea Party Movement Comic Books Announced

Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, And Tea Party Comic Books

Bluewater Productions doesn’t waste time when it comes to announcing new political comic books. Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney might only be Presidential hopefuls right now, but they’re in the news, so that means they are bio-comic material. Bluewater Comics has announced comic books for both Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney and also for the Tea Party movement.

The bio-comics about Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and the Tea Party Movement will be released as part or Bluewater Comics' Political Power line.

Political Power: Michele Bachmann will be released in November 2011, followed by Political Power: Mitt Romney and Political Power: The Tea Party Movement in December 2011. According to Bluewater, the comics will take a middle-of-the-road approach chronicling the lives and history of the three.

Political Power: Michele Bachmann is being written by CW Cooke with art by Luciano Kars. Political Power: Mitt Romney is being written by Marc Shapiro with art by Jed Mickle. Political Power: The Tea Party Movement is also being written by Marc Shapiro with art by Nick Justus. Artist Joe Philips will be doing the covers for all three.

“We started our bio-comic line Female Force back in the 2008 election talking about Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin,” said Darren G. Davis, who is president of Bluewater Productions. “It is fitting that we should be chronicling the movers and shakers of the 2012 election as well.”


“Our goal with these comics is not to pick a side, but to spark the interest of our readers and let them study both the lives of Rep. Bachmann and Gov. Romney closer,” said Davis. “And when you consider historical significance of what the Tea Party has brought to the table, you find it is not just a nod to the American Revolution, but it has forced a conversation in modern politics.”

"The Political Power series gives people who have only a nodding acquaintance with the political process and its personalities a more detailed look at the candidates, such as Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, and how new political movements, such as The Rise Of The Tea Party, can literally spring from the heartland of America and become a driving force in the political process," said writer Marc Shapiro. “These books are the perfect example of how a comic book can be entertaining and educational and are an example of how comic books have, in many cases, become the history books and instructional tools of the 21st Century."