Miles Teller Says Fantastic Four Trailer Took Him By Surprise


At the 87th Academy Awards ceremony, MTV's Josh Horowitz caught up with Miles Teller ("Whiplash") to discuss the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the first trailer for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four trailer made its debut last month at it quickly set a record for the most views of any 20th Century Fox film. I'm sure that surprised Fox, but they're not he only ones surprised by it. "The trailer took me by surprise," Miles Teller told Josh Horowitz at the Oscars. "When you're shooting a movie, especially this movie with Josh Trank he has a very specific tone whether it is Chronicle or what he did with this, but as an actor you don't really know what kind of movie it is until you see them cut it together. That is the first we saw any footage. I was excited and I know that for the most part the concensus is good."

Watch and listen to Miles Teller's responses in the video below.

Fantastic Four will land in theaters August 7, 2015.