Netflix's Jessica Jones and Daredevil Come to Marvel Games

from their Marvel TV family.Jessica Jones and Daredevil both join Contest of Champions with a new [...]

(Photo: Marvel Games)

Marvel's mobile games have had constant updates, bringing in characters new and old to allow players the largest, most varied rosters possible. Now, Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight are sharing in some corporate synergy, adding characters (or versions of them) from their Marvel TV family.

Jessica Jones and Daredevil both join Contest of Champions with a new story quest featuring the pair as the central characters in a Hell's Kitchen level. Future Fight will add Jones as a character, as well. The characters bear the style and looks from their TV shows joint produced by Marvel TV and Netflix.

"We think it's fun storytelling and it's fun for the fans," Dan Buckley, Marvel Entertainment's president of TV, Publishing & Brand Management told Mashable in the announcement press release. "But it's also it's good business in that it communicates to people there's a lot of things going on that they may not have been exposed to."

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