New Captain America First Avenger Movie Poster And Trailer

Captain America First Avenger new poster

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios have released a new Captain America First Avenger movie poster and trailer on Yahoo Movies. The Captain America First Avenger movie poster shows an unmasked Chris Evans as Captain America with an American flag in the background. The new Captain America First Avenger trailer has us thinking that Marvel Studios has struck gold again. One of the things that Marvel Studios does expertly is include humor in their superhero movies without coming across as campy or corny. The new Captain America First Avenger trailer includes quite a bit of footage of Tommy Lee Jones, and it looks like he is going to deliver some hilarious lines in the movie. When referring to a weak, skinny Steve Rogers, Tommy Lee Jones says, "When you brought a ninety pound asthmatic onto my army base, I let it slide." Of course our favorite Tommy Lee Jones line comes after he tosses a fake grenade into the middle of a group of training soldiers. Steve Rogers is the only one that jumps on the grenade to cover it up, and Rogers asks if it is a test. Tommy Lee Jones mutters, "He's still skinny."


In addition to the Tommy Lee Jones humor, another thing that impresses us about the new trailer is Chris Evans looks like he is giving the best acting performance of his career. He's definitely matured as an actor, since he played Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movies. Captain America First Avenger really looks likes it's shaping up to be Marvel Studios' best movie since Iron Man.