New Dragon Ball Z Spin-Off Envisions A World Where Yamcha Reigns Supreme

Poor Yamcha. The Dragon Ball protagonist is a long-standing member of Goku’s super-crew. When [...]

Poor Yamcha. The Dragon Ball protagonist is a long-standing member of Goku's super-crew. When the character was introduced to fan, he was a direct adversary of Goku and ex-boyfriend to Bulma. However, Yamcha gradually turned into a beloved member of the Z Fighters even though he is only human. By the time Dragon Ball Z rolled around, Yamcha's martial arts skills just could not keep up with the Saiyans. Before Yamcha knew it, he had become a joke amongst fans after he lost battles time and again.

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But not anymore. No, sir. Thanks to a new Dragon Ball miniseries, Yamcha is know a powerful fighter who Goku would second-guess going against.

Shōnen Jump Plus recently published the new Dragon Ball Z spin-off series entitled "Dragon Ball Gaiden" Tensei-shiatara Yamcha Datta Ken. Or, in English, "Dragon Ball Side Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha." The new story follows a young Japanese student who finds themseves reincarnated to Yamcha.

The student, who was a Dragon Ball otaku, uses their past knowledge to ensure that Yamcha does not always get his butt kicked by random baddies. In the first chapter, the reincarnated Yamcha proves his martial artistry during spars with the likes of Krillin and even manages to survive an attack which killed him in the actual Dragon Ball canon.

Take that, Saibaman!

So far, the new miniseries is only in Japanese, but that may change soon. You can go ahead and check out the first full chapter at Shōnen Jump's website, so intrepid translators can take a gander at the story.

Sadly, Yamcha is not present in the most recent Dragon Ball series. When Dragon Ball Super debuted last summer, the character was notably absent. The on-going series may still plan to bring Yamcha back in some form or fashion, but Dragon Ball Super has more pressing plots to wrap up. Adult Swim and Funimation Entertainment are set to bring Dragon Ball Super to Toonami after the new year comes.

"Dragon Ball Super is more than the latest adventure in the Dragon Ball saga – It's a collaboration between the series original creator, Akira Toriyama and a passionate team of men and women who are both longtime partners and talented newcomers. "Dragon Ball Super" comes with everything viewers can hope for after waiting 18 long years for a new series – impressible dangers to overcome, the reuniting of beloved characters, and new additions to the mythos that will rock Dragon Ball's very foundation," said Masayuki Endo, President and CEO of Toei Animation Inc. in a state,emt "We are very excited to return "Dragon Ball Super" to its U.S. broadcast home on Adult Swim."

(Photo: Toei Animation )

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"Toonami and the Dragon Ball franchise have a long and storied history together in the U.S.," said Jason DeMarco, senior vice president of on-air for Adult Swim. "We are thrilled to be premiering "Dragon Ball Super" to our audience and keeping Dragon Ball on Toonami!"

So, who knows? Maybe Yamcha will make an awaited return to Toonami thanks to an OVA or animated special.

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