New Justice League Lineup Revealed

New Justice League Toon Tumblers

Thanks to Toon Tumblers the full new lineup for the Justice League in the DC Comics relaunch has been revealed. Toon Tumblers posted artwork for their 2011 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Justice League glass on their Facebook fan page. The artwork centers around the seven members of the new Justice League that have already been revealed. Front and center in the picture are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Cybog.

However, what is causing a huge buzz in the comic book world are the images that appear on the side of the artwork. Speculation is that this side artwork represents other characters who will also become members of the new Justice League. Some of the DC Comics characters in the side artwork are obvious, but some of them have left fans guessing.


New Justice League Full Team

On the blue side of the artwork, the DC Comics characters appear to be Deadman, Atom, Elemant Woman, and Firestorm. On the red side of the artwork, the DC Comics characters appear to be Green Arrow, Hawkman, a mysterious woman, and Mera (Aquaman's wife). Most speculation around the unidentified woman is that it is either Zealot from Wildstorm, Black Canary, or Power Girl. Our guess is that it is Zealot.