Now There's A LEGO Baby Groot

Forget the dancing Baby Groot toy making its way onto shelves—now we want the dancing Baby Groot LEGO Toy. The more qualifiers on a toy, the better.

In the latest display of (rightful) passion for the dancing baby tree, Lego craftsmen Sean and Steph Mayo created their own Lil’ Lego Groot out of 1-stud cylinders and bendy tubes. As The Brother Brick notes, the duo grew their Groot on a commission for LEGO Youtube sensations Beyond The Brick, as part of a 24-hour build-a-thon for charity.

Of course, this should go to show that sometimes the greatest things in the galaxy are also the smallest. We give LEGO about four weeks, tops, before they respond with their own official Baby Groot set. A buildable desk plant that requires zero maintenance and shows your Guardians love? Sold.

You can check out Sean and Steph's other fantastic LEGO creations, which range from Zelda to The X-Men, here.