Once Upon A Time "Dreamcatcher" Clip: Rumplestilkskin Pleads For Mercy From Emma


ABC has released another clip from this Sunday's episode of Once Upon A Time: "Dreamcatcher."

The Dark One (Jennifer Morrison) demands Rumplestilkskin (Robert Carlyle) extract Excalibur from its stone, while he pleads for mercy. She soon realizes he isn't a worthy enough hero to pull off the deed at this point and instructs Merida to take him into the forest and mold Rumple into a hero.

Check out the sneak peek in the video below.

In Camelot, as Mary Margaret and David attempt to retrieve the Dark One dagger, Emma uses a dreamcatcher to look into the past to see how Merlin was transformed into a tree. Together, Emma and Regina figure out the critical ingredient they must acquire to free Merlin, but it’s a race against Arthur, who does not want Merlin released. Meanwhile, with encouragement from his moms, Henry musters up the courage to ask Violet on a date. Back in Storybrooke, the heroes break into Emma’s house hoping to locate Gold, but what they find will give them a glimpse of Emma’s end game. Far from prying eyes, Merida sets about the mission Emma has tasked her with and begins molding Gold into the hero they need to draw Excalibur.


The episode was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Romeo Tirone.

“Dreamcatcher” episode of Once Upon A Time will air Sunday, October 25 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.