Pokemon: Arceus Distribution Begins Today

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Arceus is now available at GameStop and other chain stores. The mythical Pokemon, which is allegedly responsible for the creation of the Pokemon Universe, will be available from August 1 to August 24 at various participating stores as part of Pokemon's ongoing 20th anniversary celebration. Arceus is a Normal Type Pokemon, although players can change its Type by having it hold a special item called a Plate.

The 20th Anniversary Arceus is at Level 100 and comes with the moves Judgment, Recover, Hyper Beam, and Perish Song. Judgment is Arceus's signature move and varies in type depending on what sort of Plate Arceus is holding.

Like the Mew and Darkrai distributions earlier this year, players will need to go into a store and pick up a serial code in order to receive Darkrai. Participating stores include GameStop in the United States, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, EB Games in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and GAME in the United Kingdom and Spain.

There will also be a limited amount of Arceus merchandise available, including a special "Arceus Generations" trading card game box and a special 20th anniversary plush.