Revolution Sneak Peek Spoilers

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NBC has released a new two minute video to promote the second half of the first season of Revolution. While a lot of the first part of the video is just a recap of what has happened so far on Revolution, the second part of the video offers up some spoilers for the remaining episodes. There was also a Revolution panel held today at the Television Critics Association meeting, which was live tweeted by NBC. During the panel, executive producer Eric Kripke said, "This is the Waltons... with swords." Kripke also promised the second half of the season would be more shocking and higher octane. Even though the show will have been on break for four months, Kripke promised there wouldn't be any skip ahead on the actual show. Kripke said, "We pick up exactly where we left off. Monroe has choppers and power, which makes him a (potentially) unstoppable force." Revolution returns to NBC on Monday, March 25 with a new episode airing at 10 PM ET.